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Injectable bone cements to heal trauma.

The world’s population is aging and should grow to achieve 1.6 billion (17%) in 2050*. This trend will contribute to increase prevalence for osteoarthritis, spinal disorders and orthopedic injuries. A dramatic increase of trauma procedures, is foreseeable. According to data published by IOF*, in 2006 it was estimated that worldwide, there is one fragility fracture over 3 seconds and this figures would soar in the coming years.

Fractures are the second most frequently occurring sports injury in the US, for which bone void fillers are widely used. Fractures account for around 20 percent of the overall sports injuries in the United States alone. In Europe, most sports injuries have been leading to bone fractures, creating significantly high demand for bone void fillers. Approximately 14 percent of medically treated injuries are related to sports.1

*NIH report 1. Persistence Market Research

How does our product work?

A traumatic fracture is one in which a break in the continuity of the bone occurs as the result of a high-force impact and not as the consequence of a medical condition that weakens the bones1. A traumatic fracture often requires surgical treatment, autologous bone grafts being the gold standard are limited by their availability and association with post-operative complications.

One alternative treatment option is the use of injectable bone cements, such as Graftys® QuickSet and Graftys® HBS, in combination with different clinical procedures. There is no second procedure required. In addition, Graftys® QuickSet and Graftys® HBS can be used in combination with internal or external fixations to stabilize the fracture site.

*NIH report 1. Persistence Market Research


Shared characteristics

  • Injectable;
  • Self-hardening;
  • Macroporous;
  • Easy to prepapre;
  • Resorbable and replaced by natural bone in the healing process

Shared characteristics

GRAFTYS® QUICKSET & GRAFTYS® HBS VS. other bone graft options

  • Safe & Easy >>> All in one closed device,
  • Intuitive Preparation & Reproductibility >>> Time Saving in OR,
  • Availability and no second site requirement  >>> Cost saving.

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