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Quickset ®


Injectable bone as an extent.

Joints refer to the area where two or more bones meet. Through overuse and aging, our joints often become weak and painful, limiting movement and affecting daily lives. Joint reconstruction ranges from minor repairs to the damaged joint to total joint replacement. These treatment options can offer temporary pain relief or permanent solutions to joint disorders.

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), when it comes to joint replacement surgery, hips and knees are definitely at the top of the heap, with over a million hip and knee replacements performed in the U.S. alone in 2013. According to The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, by 2030, the number of primary total knee replacements is predicted to rise to 3.48 million, the number of revision total knee replacements is predicted to reach 268,200, and revision total hip replacements are expected to rise to 96,700, a 137 percent increase over 2005 numbers.

How does our product work?

Using GRAFTYS injectable calcium phosphate cements – GRAFTYS® QUICKSET & GRAFTYS® HBS can be used as a bone graft extender will fill the defects, resulting in bony reconstruction. GRAFTYS® QUICKSET and GRAFTYS® HBS can be injected into the bone during the procedure and are replaced by natural bone during the healing process.


Shared characteristics

  • Injectable;
  • Self-hardening;
  • Macroporous;
  • Easy to prepapre;
  • Resorbable and replaced by natural bone in the healing process

Shared characteristics

GRAFTYS® QUICKSET & GRAFTYS® HBS VS. other bone graft options

  • Safe & Easy >>> All in one closed device,
  • Intuitive Preparation & Reproductibility >>> Time Saving in OR,
  • Availability and no second site requirement  >>> Cost saving.

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