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A first class option to fill subchondral bone defect.

Stress fractures occurs with repetitive daily activities such as intense sport. It can be characterized by subchondral damages leading to generate bone marrow edema/lesion (BME/BML). Those BMLs have been shown to be associated with severe knee pain and structural progression of disease including knee joint replacement1. Several treatment options have been explored such as regenerating or replacing cartilage lost but without inconsistent pain relief. For patients suffering from chronical pain associated to osteoarthritis, surgical intervention such as high tibial osteotomy, TKA, or partial knee arthroplasty, are often recommended and are considered as end-stage surgical intervention.

A new minimally invasive surgical intervention by injecting a highly cohesive calcium phosphate (CaP) into the osteochondral defect decreases significantly knee pain and middle terms to repair and strengthen the interface between weaker cancellous bone and hardened sclerotic bone. This injection is theorized to improve the structural integrity and biomechanical strength of the pathologic subchondral bone.

Subchondroplasty for treating bone marrow lesions in the knee – initial experience

How does our product work?

GRAFTYS® HBS, a patented microporous and macroporous calcium phosphate bone substitute, is a first in class option to fill subchondral bone defect. Its low viscosity and high cohesiveness ensures easy injection for up to 15 min through a narrow cannula. Its unique chemical formulation, offers an osteoconductive property and allows for later ingrowth of new bone capable of bearing weightbearing loads. It delivers reliable bone regeneration of the affected subchondral bone while preserving the native joint and potentially delay the need for arthroplasty Simple, safe, efficient and painless.


Shared characteristics

  • Injectable;
  • Self-hardening;
  • Macroporous;
  • Easy to prepapre;
  • Resorbable and replaced by natural bone in the healing process

Shared characteristics

GRAFTYS® QUICKSET & GRAFTYS® HBS VS. other bone graft options

  • Safe & Easy >>> All in one closed device,
  • Intuitive Preparation & Reproductibility >>> Time Saving in OR,
  • Availability and no second site requirement  >>> Cost saving.

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