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An ideal bone filler for deep cavity filling and multi-injection.

GRAFTYS® HBS is a calcium-phosphate injectable bone graft, highlighted by its unique characteristics from biologics behavior to syringe handling, making it the ideal bone void filler for trauma, arthroplasty revision, and benign bone tumors surgery where the bony voids and defects are not intrinsic to structural stability.

Superior features

  • Injectable
  • Self-hardening
  • Macroporous
  • Easy to prepare
  • Resorbable and replaced by natural bone during the healing process


Thanks to the special touch – the use of a biocompatible polymer – the hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC), Graftys® HBS offers an ideal viscosity and a longer working time (15 minutes) , making it the ideal bone void filler for :


  • Multiple injections
  • Intra-osseous injection (bone marrow lesions treatment)
  • Minimally invasive surgical (MIS) procedure
  • Easy to prepare
  • When the use of a small diameter trephine is required.

Dr. Demange talks about GRAFTYS® HBS

“The ease of use and quality of  GRAFTYS® HBS has prompt me to use this product over the last few years in my practice. The fluidity and unique microstructure of GRAFTYS® HBS makes it ideal for my bone marrow treatment, bone defect cases and much more.”

Superior Ergonomics – An All-in-one Syringe

  • Easy and fast to prepare;
  • Safe to use;
  • No need of other devices;
  • No waste of any product.

Shortened Surgery Time

Not like other bone void filler product, GRAFTYS® HBS does not require any waiting time. Once the product is being well mixed, the surgeon can directly inject the bone graft. The injectable bone graft will not leak or flow 15 minutes after implanting. Then the surgeon can choose to continue the surgery or close the operating site.

Clinical evidence based medicine of GRAFTYS® HBS

Treatment Of Bone Marrow Lesion with GRAFTYS® HBS

  1. Demographics: patients aged between 40 and 75 years with knee pain for at least six months, and a MRI hyperseptation lesion in T2-weighted fat suppression images, located in the subchondral region of the tibial or femoral condyle.
  2. Evaluation using the KOOS showed a mean total score in the preoperative period of 38.44 points and of 62.7 (p < 0.05), 58.08 (p < 0.05), 57.92 (p < 0.05), 63.34 (p < 0.07), and 71.26 (p < 0.05) points at 1, 3, 6, 12, and 24 weeks after surgery, respectively.
  3. In the pain assessment, mean VAS was 7.8 points preoperatively and 2.8 (p < 0.05), 3 (p < 0.05), 2.8 (p < 0.05), 1.8 (p < 0.05), and 0.6 (p < 0. 05) points in the same periods.

Pain VAS

Our specialties

Treatment of major trauma, Bone Marrow Lesion and recon often requires bone graft. Comparing with traditional autograft, allograft, and other traditional synthetic bone graft substitute, Graftys’ calcium phosphate injectable bone graft is an innovative product with improved mechanical properties, better injectability, enhanced osteointegration, optimal restorability, and superior ergonomic. GRAFTYS® QUICKSET and GRAFTYS® HBS are your ideal bone void filler for bone healing and regeneration.


Reconstructive surgery

Benign bone tumors

Subchondral bone defects

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