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10 Juin 2022

Graftys granted Patent for CPC mixed with blood in the United States

Aix-en-Provence (France), June 10, 2022 – GRAFTYS SA (“Graftys”), a global leader in resorbable bone cements, today announces one of its strategic projects has been granted a U.S. patent to have new osteogenic CPC technology combined with autologous whole blood tissue.

Responding to a medical need and to a direct request from orthopedic surgeons, a new generation of macroporous calcium phosphate cement allow surgeons for targeting new emerging applications such as deep cavity filling. Through its advanced plasticity and highly cohesiveness, this new biomaterial is composed of a 3D continuous organic network of fibrin entangled within a microstructure of large platelet-like apatite crystals. Based on blood clotting processing, this new macroporous BioCPC stimulates bone regeneration with tremendous healing properties.

Sébastien Genesta, Managing Director, comments, “We are very proud to have our CPC technology expand beyond its current indication. The approval of this patent allows us to continue to research more unmet clinical needs in the orthobiologics sector. We further aim to reach global patents in Europe and Japan.”

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Graftys is an innovation-driven medtech company committed to the development and manufacturing of synthetic bone biomaterials. Graftys’ products are registered in more than 25 countries worldwide, including Europe, USA, and South America. Graftys’ mission is to become a major player in the design, manufacturing & distribution of bone biomaterials, thanks to a solid portfolio of products built on clinical evidence and addressing patient’s/surgeon’s medical needs, and thanks to an innovation-driven pipeline through partnerships with leading academic research institutions in Europe.

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